Children who lost siblings and parents in terror siege in Beslan receive blessings

By September 5, 2005

Russia (MNN) — Children in Beslan are heading back to school today. The start of school was delayed because of high tensions and to remember the terrorist attack that killed 360 people, 180 children.

Today, children in Beslan are receiving a blessing from Christians in the United States. As the community recovers from the attacks, Russian Ministries is passing out ‘Backpacks of Blessing,” says Russian Minstries’ Sergey Rakhuba. “It’s filled with school supplies. It’s all donated by Christian people in the United States and children’s Sunday school classes.” A Bible story or Bible is also part of the backpack.

Rakhuba says, “We’re planting the seeds that will grow in a tree of God’s blessing and salvation in their lives. So these kids, they will grow and they will remember that backpack. They will remember that little book there. Even if they don’t know how to read yet, they would like their parents to read to them.” The prayer is that adults, too, will come to Christ.

Michelle Conn was moved to tears as she helped. She says, “I just remember a year ago and watching all that and thinking ‘oh my gosh, if that were my kid in that school, what would I do? How would I get through?’ So, when I see these kids, it just humbling to be a part of it.”

A gift of 25-dollars purchases a backpack for delivery. It’s an investment that can go a long way to introducing a child to Christ.

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