Chinese spy tech could make Iran’s Islamic regime even more dangerous

By June 19, 2023

Iran (MNN) — Western sanctions and diplomacy lose effect as Iran strengthens ties with China and Saudi Arabia.

In 2018, former U.S. President Donald Trump exited a 2015 nuclear accord and reimposed sanctions to curb oil exports and the associated revenue to Iran’s government. Sanctions continued during President Joe Biden’s term, yet Iran’s oil exports rose, hitting a five-year high in 2023.

Previously, sanctions could sway Iran toward diplomatic efforts. Now, a weakened U.S. presence in the region and new geopolitical partnerships allow Iran to pursue its own agenda.

“Iran has not been held accountable for the executions and atrocities it has committed since September of 2022’s uprising. The international community is not doing anything,” Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari says.

“We’re going to see a new era where Iran is not held accountable to anyone. They will continue ruling by power, with an iron fist.”

Technology will likely play a key role in Iran’s authoritarian governance. Last year, China helped Iran install security cameras nationwide to crack down on protests. Saudi Arabia uses similar technology from China to build a futuristic “smart city” run on A.I. and user data.

Smart cities allegedly use data and surveillance to improve efficiency and safety. Skeptics voice concern about privacy and individual freedoms.

(Graphic courtesy of Heart4Iran)

“The whole conversation is not revolving around the safety and security of these nations. It’s revolving around espionage, or spying on people and violating people’s rights,” Ansari says.

“Countries that are willing to violate human rights and religious freedom are the ones using these extreme measures to [control the population.]”

Iran already uses digital means to target and persecute Christians. Chinese support could make the Islamic regime even more dangerous.

“Anything that may threaten the foundations of Islamic tenants is an enemy, and they’re going to deal with it very sternly,” Ansari says of Iran’s regime.

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Pray that the Lord will help people in Iran discover His truth. “Pray that God would open the door for freedom to reign and for people to start experiencing their God-given right,” Ansari requests.



Header and story images courtesy of Heart4Iran.