Why handouts haven’t given Ugandans the hand-up they need

By June 19, 2023

Uganda (MNN) — If there was a poster child for when helping actually hurts, Uganda’s region of Karamoja would be it. The people are constantly struggling with poverty and hunger.

However, Brian Mukalazi with Every Child Ministries says, “This particular region, Karamoja in Uganda, you’ll be very surprised that over the past 30 or so years, billions of dollars that have been injected in that region.

“In fact, if you look at the entire country – you know, Uganda generally is a poor country – but this particular region has received the biggest chunk of funding from NGOs and other partners, even from the government, but none of these things have worked. You go to Karamoja today and you find it the same way it was 20 or almost 30 years ago.”

Mukalazi says a big problem is the handouts.

“They have created a dependency syndrome. They go down there to the region, they start giving food, cash handouts, [and] they give food stamps without necessarily teaching people how to sustainably live their lives.”

(Photo courtesy of Every Child Ministries)

Every Child Ministries takes a different approach in Karamoja. With the Farming God’s Way program, they teach sustainable farming methods with biblical principles and help people earn a living.

Mukalazi says, “We are designing all these interventions to equip those communities to come out of poverty. But we are trying to emphasize the Gospel.”

Pray for renewed lives and hearts in Karamoja. Ask God to use the Farming God’s Way program to bless and encourage Ugandans who want to end the cycle of poverty for future generations.

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Header photo courtesy of Every Child Ministries.