Christian hospitals can open doors for the Gospel

By February 8, 2005

International (MNN) — A Christian doctor is the driving force to seeing children around the world get the physical help they need, while also providing spiritual assistance. CURE International started its work in 1998 in Kenya. They now have work in Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zambia, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

But, they also started work in a country closed to the Gospel. CURE International’s founder, Doctor Scott Harrison. “Three years ago we started work in Afghanistan down in Kandahar area. And, we were given a hospital by the minister of health of Afghanistan in the Kabul area.” That gift happened just last week.

However, helping the physical needs of children isn’t the only goal. Harrison says sharing the Gospel is the other essential. He says sometimes the stethoscope gets in the way of sharing the Gospel. “We organized ourselves to at least attempt to guard against that. We have committed ourselves to have 50-percent of everything we do be a presentation of the Gospel.” Harrison says they get help with that part of the ministry. “We bring on and create a spiritual ministry team that is indigenous. No one knows the culture as well as those people who grow up in it and can present the Gospel as coherently as they can.”

CURE International doesn’t have any trouble saying, ‘we’re Christians’. “Without exception so far, that has been not a problem. I have those those discussions with people in Vietnam and Afghanistan and other place where traditionally there’s been some tension between faith-based organizations and governments.”

Harrison is asking people to pray for funding so they can continue meeting the expansion demands so they can help children physically, while also sharing the Gospel with even more people.

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