Christian radio expands Gospel reach in Singapore Strait

By October 20, 2022

Singapore (MNN) — The FM radio station BE 107 in Batam, Indonesia, joined the TransWorld Radio network last summer. It’s already become a listener favorite in Singapore.

“We heard from one listener who said, ‘We have memorized 70 songs that you’re playing on the morning show, and this has become part of our family’s life. We’re listening to them all the time,’” TWR’s Jon Fugler says.

“When you see that happen, you know families are being changed.”

Located in the strategic Singapore Strait, BE 107 reaches a potential audience of seven million people in three countries: Singapore, parts of Indonesia, and southern Malaysia.

This region in Southeast Asia is hungry for the hope of Christ. BE 107 is “the only Christian radio content reaching into Singapore,” Fugler says.

“We want to build up the body of Christ [by] providing contemporary Christian music in the morning with features, as well as [an] hour of teaching.”

TWR provides daily programming like Ron Hutchcraft’s A Word With You, Tony Evans’ The Urban Alternative, and David Jeremiah’s Turning Point. Many people in the region speak English, and the station offers both Indonesian- and English-language contemporary music.

TWR staff, in partnership with local affiliates, is taking the steps necessary to stream BE 107 broadcasts live on TWR 360. More about that here.

“Pray that we’ll be building up the body of Christ there and creating relationships with churches. Pray people would come to Christ in Malaysia and Indonesia, and that the truth of the Gospel would shine through,” Fugler requests.

“Pray for the station staff as they work to bring the Gospel to their people.”



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