Christian radio helps Chile earthquake victims

By March 4, 2010

Chile (MNN/HCJB) — Residents of Chile are putting their lives back together following an 8.8 quake that rocked the area around Concepcion. HCJB Global partners with Radio Harmonía, with 34 affiliates throughout Chile.
HCJB's Ralph Kurtenbach is monitoring the situation in Quito, Ecuador.

From the capital, radio host María Soledád is keeping listeners up to date. "In some sectors, electricity is being restored — Concepción, Talcahuano, St. Peter of Peace — and today I was asked about Michaigue."

María Soledád chats with a woman whose faith is intact amid disaster. She's asking people to pray "that people would cry out to Him and that they recognize His greatness and that He exists."

Radio Harmonía is appealing for its listeners in unaffected areas to help those in need. Soleda'd says, "We're in contact with Punta Arenas. A thousand pesos in the offering. In the offices at Punta Arenas."

Another caller to Radio Harmonia, Pastor Alejandro Cabezas, says he has been trying to check on relatives in Concepcíon. He says he's experienced a few difficulties with highway travel (from Junbél) to Concepción, but the highway generally is clear and the weather is good. Moved by the enormity of the situation, his voice broke as he described the difficulties of people: "Some people are quite desperate."

Christians in Chile are asking God to move in the hearts of people. In an e-mail message to the station, a listener writes, "Many of us do not have losses, but there could be fears. God removes our fears."

Pray that Radio Harmonia will be the light of truth needed to pierce the darkness in this time of uncertainty. Chile continues to receive dozens of aftershocks each day, which is keeping many people in a state of uncertainty.

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