Christian radio keeps up with the times in Czech Republic.

By February 9, 2007

Czech Republic (MNN) — Christian Czech and Slovak Gospel broadcasts originating
from HCJB Global are moving with the natural progression to the Internet.

In 1975, Czech broadcasts were launched on shortwave from
Radio Station HCJB in Quito,
Ecuador. Slovak
was added seven years later. The team continued to minister in the country
through the Velvet Revolution, and split into the independent Republics.

Czech speakers Pavel and Klara Steiger later moved their
broadcasting efforts to the Czech
Republic to develop local
FM broadcasting through a partnership between HCJB Global and Trans World

When change visited again in 2002, the shortwave broadcasts
were finished and the suggestion of Internet and satellite broadcasting came
into play.  

Today, the Internet connects the Steigers with
Czech-speaking people around the world.  According
to HCJB Global, the website ( receives about 250 visitors per day.

It also providing access to recent and archived programs as
well as the ministry's bilingual magazine digest, The Battle for the Soul.  Pray for the team's wisdom as they respond to
listener questions.

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