Christian radio looks to re-invest in the tsunami region.

By March 17, 2005

Asia (MNN)–Christian radio could help the tsunami relief efforts. Trans World Radio’s Bill Early says relief agencies have been rushing aid to countries affected in last December’s terrible tsunami.

He spoke with McDaniel Phillips, TWR’s advocate for the Asia tsunami coordination. Upon return from a trip to Indonesia, he’s calling for the kind of radio programming which Trans World Radio can supply. “Every church leader and mission agency that I have spoken with said radio is their lifeline. If we want to communicate to them then we’ve got to get programs on the radio.”

Early explains the effectiveness comes due to a primarily oral culture. Again, in his conversation with Phillips, he reports that radio is the best way, “…to convey some of the biblical concepts that they can understand and can grow upon.”

Phillips, he says, is firming up a ministry partnership with other Christian organizations. The team has developed a strategic plan that focuses TWR’s resources on a small geographic area so that they can lay the foundation for a long term ministry.

TWR is cooperating with international broadcasters and counseling agency LinkCare to air relevant programs, including an adaptation of the popular Radio Bible to offer comfort and direction for tsunami survivors. TWR also plans to distribute 5,000 portable radios in India, sponsored by TWR’s partner in Scandinavia, and 5,000 radios in Indonesia.

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