Christian radio’s week-long hiatus causes a stir, reaps encouragement

By June 29, 2010

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — Radio can be a powerful tool in a vast land without much missionary presence. HCJB Global recently found out just how powerful their partnering radio station is in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The radio station in Goma went off the air for a week after their failing generator finally quit. The response to their absence was overwhelming. The station received phone calls from listeners expressing their gratitude for the programs and sorrow over their hiatus, from people volunteering to help fix the generator, and even from police.

A police officer called the station to urge the producers to fix the problems and get back on the air. The officer claimed that the number of prisoners in the region had decreased since the station began its broadcasts.

Listeners called not only from DR Congo, but even from cities in Rwanda and Uganda. Many told the station that they were "only surviving because of the programs."

Clearly this Christian radio station has helped a great deal of people. A local pastor who produces programs for the Radio Alpha and Omega station says he had met with people who used to be bound by witchcraft but had been set free in Christ after listening to the station's radio programs.

The station is up and running again now, with a new generator in place. But the pastor says he has a vision for the station to expand to reach even more with the message of Christ. He is praying and waiting on government licenses to visit northern areas of the country where the program could potentially be expanded.

Pray for this expansion to become reality. This station has clearly done a great deal of good already. The pastor testifies that people are coming to Christ every week through the clear teachings on the broadcasts. Pray that those who are being transformed would put their full trust in Christ and would find other believers with whom to grow.

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