Christian relief group makes an educational change in Sudan.

By September 21, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–Education in Sudan stopped due to two decades of civil war. That means nearly a whole generation grew up illiterate.

The New Sudan Centre for Statistics and Evaluation reports 88 percent of adult women are illiterate while 63 percent of men in the region are illiterate.

In response, Food for the Hungry’s United Kingdom office launched a literacy program among the Nuer people.

Through it, these people learn how to read by using the Bible as text. The project aims at rapidly improving literacy, while at the same time extending basic knowledge of the Bible among 330 men and women each year across 11 of its centers. The discipleship extends to providing these new readers with further information, books and writing materials.

In many areas, the students are pastors, church leaders and evangelists learning the basic skills that enable them to play key roles in the spiritual and physical development of their communities.

If you want to help, Food For The Hungry needs funds to go towards Bibles for those in the region who still do not own their own. Click here for details.

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