Christian Satellite television in the Middle East impacts impaired children

By July 11, 2005

Middle East (MNN) — Even in modern day, much of the world still overlooks and denies rights to the disabled. But, at least one Christian organization is not overlooking them.

SAT-7, Christian Satellite Television for the Middle East and North Africa, is addressing this issue by producing programming that includes physically and mentally disabled children. Treasure Valley, a new game show on the Christian satellite network which airs in the Middle East and North Africa, has taken extra measures to include children with special needs and to illustrate to its viewers that children with physical or mental challenges can and should be integrated into “regular” activities.

By seeing that children with physical and mental challenges can succeed in regular tasks (in this case as game show contestants) the producers of Treasure Valley believe many thousands of Arab viewers will be won over and begin to give their disabled neighbors the recognition and rights they are entitled to.

As Christians see love being shown to these special children, perhaps they will show Christ’s love to special needs kids where they live.

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