Christian/Muslim violence not stopping Christian work in Indonesia

By August 6, 2004

Indonesia (MNN) — While violence between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia struck again a few weeks ago, that country’s President Megawati Soukarnoputri has played down the strife. She claims there weren’t any genuine “religious” tensions, but that the violent clashes were the result of social problems with religious overtones.

What ever the case, the violence isn’t stopping Christians from helping Indonesian’s physically and spiritually. A Mission Aviation Fellowship missionary says local government leaders are asking MAF to help them staff and supply a new hospital in the city of Malinau (MAH-lee-now). “The regent”, says Whiting, “is in the process of building a new hospital. We asked him if it would be okay if we looked for help from America or Europe to help support the hospital either financially or through volunteer assistance that could come either short or long term.”

He says the Regent is a Christian and that’s why they’re looking for Christians doctors, nurses, dentists, medical technicians and other medical professional volunteers to help.. He says, “This will be a great opportunity for outreach. There are several unreached people groups within the area of the hospital. We’re hopeful that we can have some influence from outside to come and help in the hospital to train and to help reach some of these unreached areas.”

As non-Christians are helped physically, many ask spiritual questions. Since the local church is involved in the hospital, they can share their faith in Christ.

says helping the hospital will help the local communities health needs, and that will be beneficial for outreach. “Indonesia’s a large Muslim country and as the church here can be strengthened and grow, they will better be able to outreach those in other parts of the country.”

If you or your mission organization would like to help MAF recruit personnel and financially support this outreach, contact MAF.

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