Christians who left Islam describe persecution in Libya

By January 24, 2024

Libya (MNN) — Libya remains one of the world’s toughest places to follow Christ.

Marina*, a Libyan Christian from a Muslim background, describes everyday examples of persecution in a recent conversation with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada:

“When one young lady’s dad discovered she was a Christian, he beat his daughter many times and closed and locked the door. He didn’t allow her to use the toilet. She was treated like an animal. She was beaten again and again.

“Another lady’s Muslim husband divorced her when he found out she was a Christian. When her son was born, the husband wouldn’t allow his son to have his name. So, the boy won’t be able to go to school or have an identity. She has suffered since she has become a Christian.”

Libya remains under interim rule, and the Christian minority faces persecution from authorities, security forces, and independent militia. There are few believers in Libya, and it is extremely difficult for them to practice their faith openly.

Christians are beaten, rejected by their Muslim families and friends, and sometimes killed.

“Let me tell you a story about a brother,” says Omar*, another Libyan who left Islam to follow Jesus.

“When he accepted Jesus into his life, he started to share his faith with his family, and they told the radical Muslims about it. They were going to kill him as an infidel,” Omar continues.

“Under Sharia law, he was put in jail, and the judge said he should be killed.”

Pray that believers from a Muslim background will stand firm in Libya despite threats of suffering and death.

(Photo courtesy of Prayercast)

“If they are growing in their faith and know that Jesus said they will be persecuted, they will resist giving up their faith under persecution. But those who are not growing will return to Islam,” Marina says.

Hope remains for Libya, yet so does the danger. Please pray using the prompts listed alongside this report.

“Many people are curious to understand and know and have good questions, but some say bad things about us,” Omar says.

“I share the Word of God and my new life and Christ in very closed groups. I can’t share with just anyone.”





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