Dalit Christians need jobs and training–a ministry responds.

By November 28, 2005

India (MNN)–A new report released by the Dalit Christian Federation shows the need for more vocational training and employment for the poor.

Bibles For The World’s Mawii Pudaite says their outreach has helped thousands of the untouchables come to Christ.

The statistics show 70-percent of Christians in India are poor with no proper employment and shelter. Most of them are labourers doing menial jobs in the fish industry and on agricultural farms.

Discipleship is a big part of the ministry, but, there are also obvious physical needs. “Our national pastors have expressed great concern about these Dalit converts who live at the bottom of society, barely eking out a living through begging, carrying garbage and manual labor.”

Pudaite says what came next was a natural fit–the Dalits had a need, and the ministry did too. “We are putting them to work, wrapping the Bibles and putting the postage and this way they’ll be earning a living as well as keeping the dignity that they deserve.”

That means that with every donation, or request, more good is being done in the name of Christ. ” So, when someone contributes for a Bible to be sent, they’re also giving employment to these untouchable outcasts.”

If you’d like more information or want to help, go to: http://www.biblesfortheworld.org.

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