Deaf discipleship leads to generational growth

By June 21, 2024

International (MNN) — Christian discipleship goals are no different in Deaf ministry than they are in the Hearing world.

Rob Myers of DOOR International explains, “It’s important that when people come to Christ, they are equipped to be disciples of Jesus, know how to follow Jesus, and that it’s not just a one-time decision but a transformational one in their lives.”

Less than two percent of the world’s 70 million Deaf people know and follow Christ. More about that here. The few who follow Jesus also lead DOOR International at a senior level, committing time, talent, and treasure to church planting in unreached Deaf communities.

Generational growth is a natural result.

“I never thought that Deaf people could become pastors or leaders,” said *Joseph, a young Deaf believer from *Slibar.
“I realized that God had given us gifts just like He had given hearing people. The ability to access His Word and to fellowship with believers in my language has been life-changing.”
(Photo, caption courtesy of DOOR International)

“Someone will come to Christ, and they’ll begin to follow Jesus. They bring other people to Christ and encourage those people to share the Gospel, and you have what we call generational growth,” Myers says.

“We call that type of growth a ‘movement’ when you see four generations of churches produced. It’s really clear that this will keep going, like a fire spreading further and further.”

Wherever DOOR goes, you’ll see Deaf reaching Deaf for Christ. “We don’t just want to see people come to Christ; we want to see them taking the Gospel into their communities,” Myers says.

Here’s how you can help by partnering with DOOR International.

Pray for more connections with like-minded church planting leaders to help DOOR achieve its global mission.

“Many times, movement leaders will find each other and start to share resources. A church planting network is simply a group of church planting [movement] leaders who get together, share resources, ideas, and challenges, and pray for one another,” Myers says.



Header and story images courtesy of DOOR International.

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