Displacement soars to new heights in Sudan

By January 11, 2024

Sudan (MNN) — More than 7.5 million people are on the run after nine months of war in Sudan, the United Nations reports. Two generals began vying for control of the nation in mid-April, and the fighting hasn’t stopped since.

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“As a nation, they’ve grown up in war; Sudan had Africa’s longest civil war that lasted 22 years. But this war is different,” says John*, a Gospel worker focused on Sudan.

“This war affects every group in the country.”

Fighting has now reached Sudan’s “breadbasket” in Aj Jazirah State, which also serves as a hub for relief efforts. United Nations Under-Secretary Martin Griffiths says 25 million people will need help surviving this year. Yet heavy rains and widespread conflict make it impossible for aid trucks to reach those in need.

Meanwhile, genocide continues unchecked.

“Sudan has been on the top list of those (countries) persecuting Christians. But they are also on the top of the list [for] ethnic persecution of non-Arab, black African tribes, and using rape as a weapon of war to change the balance of power inside Sudan,” John says.

John’s group works with unfoldingWord to plant churches and translate God’s Word into Sudan’s minority languages. More about that here.

When the war started, church leaders began helping refugees and displaced families. Pray Sudanese will find hope in the Lord as they understand His Word in their languages.

“Trauma is now built to volcanic levels inside Sudan,” John says.

“We have [teams]from different language groups that are working among their people [in] trauma healing, [and] there is an openness to the Gospel at a level that has not been seen before.”






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