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Published on 30 April, 2010

Double your impact

China (MNN) — The Chinese Church is in a bind. Simply put, they do not have enough resources to support their rate of growth. Yet, with 200 to 500 converts a week, according to China Partner, they are hardly complaining.

"The growth of the church in China is outpacing its resources. Not enough seminaries and Bible schools exist to help all Christian leaders who need training. And many country lay pastors could not afford it, even if there was enough room," said China Partner's Web site.

So, China Partner does what they can to alleviate the problem through Pastoral Training Seminars (PTS). These seminars train more pastors for "practical and effective ministry," as well as provide them with the tools they need, such as books, to continue their spiritual growth after China Partner has left.

Once these individuals are equipped to minister, they can reach out to the millions of Chinese around them, searching for answers. Thus, even more people hear about Christ's message of hope.

Thanks to a matching gift up to $25,000 until May 31, China Partner will be able to make even more of an impact this month.

China Partner's Web site said, "Chinese Christian leaders are hungry to grow and multiply so that more Chinese men and women will be able to hear the Good News."

Want to satisfy this hunger? Visit China Partner's Web site to contribute and double your impact today!

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