“Dream Center” is open in Indonesia, helping tsunami victims physically and spiritually

By August 29, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — The earthquake and resulting tsunami in Indonesia did something humans couldn’t do. The disaster brought peace to an area plagued by war between the government and armed separatists. That peace agreement was signed last week as Aceh continues to rebuild after the disaster killed hundreds of thousands in the region.

The disaster also brought many evangelical Christians into a region to help with physical and spiritual needs. Strategic World Impact was just one organization. Indonesian Christians invited them in to help rebuild their lives, by building a “Dream Center,” which is now open, says SWI’s Kevin Turner. “We have a counseling center. There is computer training, a reading room. And, this Dream Center was actually their idea. It was their ‘dream,’ if you will.”

According to Turner, SWI helped believers for a very good reason. “This was a way to continue to reach out and meet the needs of the Acehnese after the relief phase was done, and after the restrictions, which we knew would come, allowing outsiders to get into the region.”

Christians are providing a number of services, but for a more important goal. Turner says, “Local Christians on the ground said, ‘Look, we’re not interested in the ‘social gospel’, we’re not interested in just providing them with physical things, those will perish and the people with perish, they must hear the Gospel.'”

The project was initiated just after the tsunami and already the three story building is operational. “We’re rejoicing that we’ve been able to get in, have an impact with the initial humanitarian relief, but also set up a strategy that empowers the local body of Christ to continue to meet needs and continue to have a platform to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Funding is NOT needed for the project. The money has already been raised and now Christians just need to pray.

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