e3 Partners mission trips available for nursing students

By January 3, 2022

International (MNN) — e3 partners offers a variety of mission trips to countries around the world. Some of these trips focus on providing medical care in Jesus’ name to people who may not otherwise have access to it.

Nursing students

For instance, teams have visited Greece and worked with refugee populations there. It could be a good opportunity for nursing students.

Anne Lucas, who organizes the trips, says, “Every student participates in every component of the mission. So if we’re doing something in the clinic, they might do triage. They might do pharmacy, work with the provider, do eyeglasses, spiritual counseling, or community health education. And they do children’s ministry or go door to door taking food supplies. They could teach people about washing hands and COVID-19 and how to wear a mask properly.”

Lucas says they train students every step of the way, partnering veteran volunteers with new ones.

Get involved

Want to join one of these trips? You can, even if you aren’t a nursing student. Lucas says, “We recruit not just medical, but for anyone to go. Typically we say about two-thirds of our team are non-medical because we need people to do things like eye clinic. Because it’s basic reading tasks. We need people to do other things like that.”

Learn more about the trips or join one here. And pray these trips will show the love of Jesus to many.



Header photo courtesy of ludi on Pixabay.