e3 Partners to resume medical mission trips

By August 18, 2021

Greece (MNN) — The COVID-19 pandemic forced e3 Partners to put short-term medical mission trips on hold. But Anne Lucas says they continued their work over the internet.

She tells the story of two women (named S and V for security reasons) who were refugees from the Middle East staying in Greece.  “On our virtual trip we were actually able to share the Gospel with S. And she became a believer via zoom, which was pretty incredible,” Lucas says,

“About two weeks later, we were able to watch her be baptized in a bathtub, in another refugees’ apartment.”

Now, Lucas has resumed traveling in preparations for more mission trips. She returned to Greece and met S and V in person.

One day, V began weeping from the trauma she had endured. Lucas says S began to share the hope of Jesus with her. “We talked and shared with her, sharing the Gospel with her. And she said, ‘Yes, I want Jesus.’ We all broke down crying. It was so exciting.” Both women now attend Bibles studies and stay in contact with e3 Partners.

Want to get involved? You can join an e3 Partners medical mission trip this fall, or in early 2022. Keep an eye on this page for more information, or to register for more upcoming trips.



Header image courtesy of e3 Partners.