Even as violence escalates in Haiti, World Hope staff is determined to keep ministering.

By July 22, 2005

Haiti (MNN) — The Philippines is sending an additional 200 peace-keeping troops to violence-wracked Haiti, in light of escalating kidnappings and in preparation for elections later this year.

World Hope International has ministry work in Haiti, including a computer school, Hope for Children programs, HIV/AIDS prevention programs and humanitarian aid. But that work has been hampered, says World Hope’s Ann O’Dell. “One of the things that’s happening is that because of the political unrest, because of the floods that came last fall, and because of now the hurricane threat, a lot of these things are being thwarted because we can’t get into the rural areas where we really want to go to help the people.”

Recently, some people broke into the World Hope office in Port Au Prince and stole computers and office equipment. O’Dell says, they’re working to replace what was stolen, but the work goes on: “Of course this has been unnerving to our Haiti staff and yet they still are determined to do what they feel God has called them to do, and so they come to the office every day even though they know that the risks are great.”

The World Hope staff in Port Au Prince and the outer, rural areas are all national Haitian believers, committed to making a difference for Christ in their country, no matter what instability comes, says O’Dell. “Despite the fact that there’s a lot going on politically, and there’s a lot of danger, our staff is determined to continue to meet not only the physical needs but also the spiritual needs of people as they minister there.”

And they are serving people’s needs in Jesus’ Name, with the hope of impacting people’s lives for eternity. O’Dell is encouraged by the attitudes of the Haitian staff: “Our World Hope director there has said to me recently, ‘Why would I want to come to the States and flip hamburgers, when I can know that staying here I can impact the lives of so many people for the Lord?’ So despite the fact that some of our staff could come perhaps to a place of safety, they’re willing to take those risks because they feel so definitely that God has called them and has opened the door for the ministry that they have there.

Pray for God to bring peace to Haiti and for His will to be done. Also pray for His hand of protection on the World Hope staff and the people who are in the programs.

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