Facility in Mission gathering place for revivalists

By June 1, 2004

USA (MNN) — With the turning of the United States to pagan practices, revival is on the minds of many Christians. With courts in Massachusetts approving homosexual marriage recently, and the continued pressure on religious expression in the marketplace, Life Action Revival Ministries says the country is in great need.

That’s why Life Action is providing facilities to help renewal. Life Action’s Byron Paulus says God has provided an 82-acre site that they’re calling a National Revival Ministry Center. “We see it as a hub for revival,” says Paulus. He adds, “We’re able to, by God’s grace, to have a facility that will house up to 150 full time staff, including facilities to be able to bring leading revivalists together to be able to state in our nation, what God is up to, and we as the church can do in response.”

Paulus says there have been signs of hope in the spiritual health of the United States. That’s indicated by the popularity of the Prayer of Jabez and the recent “Passion of the Christ” film, but at the same times the recent decision on homosexual marriage and the attempt to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiants contradict that hope. Paulus says, “I do see some people who are becoming serious intercessors that are crying out to God and are saying, we need you. We can not make it apart from you. We can not turn the tide of evil in this nation.”

The new facility will serve as a headquarters for revival teams, a center for intercessors, a radio division for “Revive our Hearts” radio program, and hub for other revivalists.

Paulus would also like to see the center become a unique training center. “Training young revivalists, which there isn’t much taking place today. That God would bring together seminary graduates, those who really have a passion to see God move in spiritual awakening and then to be mentored and be trained and then to be sent forth in our nation,” says Paulus.

Life Action Revival Ministries in located in Buchanan, Michigan. Get more information by going to http://www.LifeAction.org.

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