Families Needed to Host Orphans

By June 10, 2016

USA (MNN) – Force for Christ is getting ready for another season of orphan hosting, but the organization needs your help.

As the kids prepare to make their way from Malawi to the United States in just a few weeks, Force for Christ needs more Christian families who are willing to take in an orphan and treat the child like their own.

But what is orphan hosting? Well, it’s this: A period of time, usually four to six weeks, when orphans from another country join families in the summer and experience first-hand what it’s like to have a mother, a father, and maybe even a sibling or two. But, it’s a time for them to experience the love of Christ and the Gospel lived out.

(Photo Courtesy Force for Christ) Malawian orphans who met Force for Christ workers during a field visit to the country.

(Photo Courtesy Force for Christ) Malawian orphans who met Force for Christ workers during a field visit to the country.

A month to a month-and-a-half may not seem like a long time. Yet, these weeks are powerful, regardless of the time limit.

Chad LaForce with Force for Christ explains, “Sometimes people are concerned with how what seems like a short term mission might be able to help children. But, we’ve been doing hosting now for about two years, and these sessions have a dramatic impact on the children. The prayer alone changes their lives. We have many testimonies of young people who coming did not know the perspective of who they are and what God is doing in their lives.”

The kids coming from Malawi this year are literally coming from nothing. Some live in abandoned homes either by themselves or with siblings. For others who may have been given a land inheritance from their parents, the dream of crops has been short lived because of Malawi’s drought.

These children often don’t know what it means to be loved. To have a full belly and sleep in a warm bed. Or to even have someone there at night tucking them in to sleep.

Yet, this could change, even if only for a short while. But the internal change this time offers can impact these kids for the rest of their lives. It can give them hope through Christ’s love, and be the catalyst to a life of purpose. One where despite their circumstances, these children understand that they are valued because they are children of God.

(Infograph courtesy of Force for Christ via Facebook)

(Infograph courtesy of Force for Christ via Facebook)

Not to mention, the Gospel won’t stop with just them. Often times when these children encounter God and all His incredible love, they can’t wait to share it with others. They can’t wait to tell others what He has done for them and how He loves them.

Will you join in bringing the Gospel, hope, and love to these children’s lives? Here a couple of ways to get involved:

1. Pray: Prayer is a powerful tool. Pray for God to provide for these orphans, to provide host families, and to provide the finances to make it all happen.
2. Host: Consider hosting a child and taking this opportunity to pour out the same grace and love Jesus poured out on you.
3. Give: If hosting is not a possibility but you’re interesting in helping others host, consider giving to help provide for the needs of an orphan coming to the United States this summer. To do so, click here!

LaForce encourages anyone interested, whether for this summer or next, to contact him so they can talk about the process and possibility of hosting.



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