Farsi speaking people can hear more Gospel radio programming in Iran.

By December 10, 2003

Iran (MNN) — It’s a country where sharing the Gospel is not permitted. But, radio is making even more programs available to point people to Christ.

Leading the Way with Doctor Michael Youssef is now broadcasting to the Farsi speaking people. Yesdi Bhada is with Leading the Way. “The Farsi program is specifically for Iran. We want to provide this opportunity to the people to be able to get the Word, and (then) let the Holy Spirit do His job, to get them to listen and to bring in the harvest.”

Bhada is hoping many Iranians respond to God’s saving grace. He’s praying for additional funding to expand the outreach. “Right now it’s being transmitted only one time a week. We would like to of course expand that and we’re planning on expanding this program. In March or so we will go to two times a week.”

A partner ministry in England will be handling all the responses. “They will be receiving the feedback and they will pass that on to us. We have no idea of what the response might be. But, we leave that to the Holy Spirit,” says Bhada. The goal is to see many come to Christ. Leading the Way is now broadcasting in five languages.

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