Find a Gospel opportunity “Within Reach” on April 20 and 25

By April 19, 2021

International (MNN) — You may have heard some examples of how the COVID-19 pandemic changed our world in the past year. See our complete coverage here.

For example, the pandemic triggered the most profound economic recession in nearly a century, forcing millions into extreme poverty. Lockdowns drove global hunger levels to record highs.

On April 20th and 25th, see how God is using the COVID-19 pandemic for good.

“God has a way of moving in whatever the situation is to bring glory to His name and advance His Church,” notes Galen* with Global Disciples. The ministry’s upcoming Within Reach event features first-hand reports and more.

“It is virtual; there will be worship from various parts of the world, lots of stories of how God is at work, and the opportunity to hear testimonies from those places.”

See a complete description here. As believers celebrate what God has done, they’ll learn about the remaining needs.

“We’re talking [about a] world population today of 7.8 billion people [and] 2.6 billion of those people [have not] heard the Good News,” Galen says.

One out of every three people in the world have never had an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus in a way they could understand and respond to. Most live within reach of the Body of Christ, within close proximity.”

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

Global Disciples, as part of the International Alliance for the Unreached, connects believers with Gospel opportunities. “I love to talk with people who know Christ about what we can do to help the other one-third of the people on planet earth discover who Jesus is and what He offers to them,” Galen says.

Learn more about the Within Reach event and sign up here.

Plus, “you can order a little snack for your friends as you get together in your small group or Bible study. We are featuring stroopies, which are a Dutch food from the Netherlands that will be a reminder of the one-third still unreached with the Gospel,” Galen says. “The stroopie, which is a round, waffle-like cookie, will be dipped two-thirds into chocolate. You will see and taste the good stuff and be reminded that the remaining one-third of that circle we call Earth is still not reached with the good news of Jesus.”


*– Name changed for security purposes.



Header image courtesy of Global Disciples.

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