Fire destroys Keys for Kids Storytellers

By November 7, 2022

Nepal (MNN) — An old proverb describes how preparations for success don’t always work out: “The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.” It’s an apt description of recent news from Nepal.

Keys for Kids Ministries sent 500 Storytellers to Nepal last month. Preloaded with Scripture and Keys for Kids devotionals in the target group’s heart language, Storytellers are audio devices meant for group listening.

“There are so many in Nepal who need Jesus,” Keys for Kids’ Greg Yoder says.

“We thought this would be a great opportunity for the Church to dig into the Word, especially since many of the people there are illiterate.”

Distribution went well at first. “We were getting pictures back [with] lots of smiles on people’s faces. We were celebrating. And then we didn’t see anything for a while,” Yoder says.

Then, Keys for Kids’ partner called with some awful news. “350 Storytellers were in a storage room in their new center,” Yoder says.

“A lithium battery, not in the Storytellers themselves but in something else, caught fire and exploded.”

The fire quickly spread, destroying every single Storyteller. Keys for Kids lost roughly $12,000 in resources alone. You can help cover the loss here; indicate “Nepal fire” in the Comment section.

Fire damages in Nepal
(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

“We would love for everything to go smoothly. But sometimes it’s difficulties in this season of ministry that causes it to get stronger,” Yoder says.

Every raincloud has a silver lining. After speaking with partners in Nepal, Yoder sent the following to MNN:

God works in mysterious ways. MegaVoice, the supplier of our Storytellers, sent 800 units (our color and everything) to another partner in Nepal. However, they didn’t need them, so the units are in Katmandu just waiting for us to purchase them. We’re attempting to raise funding to pay for the ones we lost in the fire (because we took a step of faith, praying donations would cover them), and buy at least 350 to replace them. We have already raised $6,000, and we need an additional $18,000 to cover everything.

Although the fire destroyed 350 Storytellers, Keys for Kids’ partners have 150 left to distribute. “They’re giving one to each church in Nepal that they’re affiliated with, and then giving them to about 50 families in need,” Yoder says.

After distributing and using the first Storytellers, a partner told Yoder, “They’re so much more effective than the books. We’re so thankful for the 150 that we have. Unfortunately, they’re going to go quickly.”

Pray hearts will open to Jesus as Nepalese hear God’s Word in their heart language. Pray for wisdom and needed funding so Keys for Kids can continue its new program in Nepal.




Header and story images depict fire damage in Nepal. (Photos courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries) 

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