Flooding in Bangladesh hits ministry programs

By August 14, 2007

(MNN) — The death toll from Bangladesh's
flooding has risen to 268.

With the floodwater receding from 38 of the 64 districts in
the country, there are now more concerns for survivors' health.

Aid workers say over 43,000 people are suffering from
epidemic waterborne diseases while many are suffering from skin diseases and
respiratory problems.

Compassion Bangladesh
reports children in at least seven Compassion-assisted child development
centers have been affected by monsoon-related flooding. Many
of the affected Compassion-assisted children and their families are staying in
disaster centers.

Staffers say some children have also fallen ill from the
waterborne diseases. The flooding has also left many adults without work,
worsening their impoverished situation. 

Please pray for the Compassion family in Bangladesh to
be comforted by God's love and wisdom during this troubling time.

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