Food for the Hungry pulls team to safety in Pakistan.

By February 17, 2006

Pakistan (MNN)–Protests have spread in Pakistan over an offensive cartoon against Islam.

Food for the Hungry has withdrawn its staff from areas near Muzaffarabad, Pakistan due to the insecurity.

Security specialists with the United Nations and other international organizations have urged all foreign relief personnel to return to the capital and to maintain a low profile until calmness has been restored.

The unrest is extremely frustrating to the Emergency Relief Team because large scale distributions were planned which would have served hundreds of families who desperately need life sustaining supplies.

As the response gives way to programs aimed at sustaining people through the winter, FH has taken a lead in the distribution of supplies to the small and spontaneously organized camps in the Muzaffarabad district.

There are hundreds of camps that consist of 50 or fewer tents that have developed throughout the mountainous regions and valleys surrounding Muzaffarabad. Most of these camps do not have access to much needed supplies. Their plight became the focus of the ERT.

With the short-term pull out, their needs go unmet. The ERT is acting as the hands and feet of Christ, but request prayer for safety as the situation intensifies. Pray too, that it resolves quickly.

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