Food For The Poor Named 19th Largest Charity in US, 1st in Florida

By December 10, 2004

USA (MNN)–Food For the Poor’s work is being widely recognized by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The agency’s mission to help physically and spiritually renew impoverished people has helped it grow. As a result, Food For The Poor is being called the fifth largest international relief organization in the United States.

The agency serves 16 countries located in the Caribbean and Central America, and has responded disasters in their service areas.

More recently Food for The Poor, partnered with World Vision in relief efforts directed towards the hurricane victims in Jamaica.

A full planeload of relief items was provided by World Vision, and was distributed to the hurricane-ravaged victims in Jamaica by Food For The Poor. The assistance included medical supplies, blankets, plastic sheeting, water purification tablets and water containers.

The ministry works to provide direct relief to those in need, usually by purchasing specifically requested materials and distributing them through the churches and charity organizations already operating in areas of need. Pray that those who were helped will respond to the compassion of Christ.

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