Frontiers equips Christians for Muslim ministry

By December 21, 2015
(Photo courtesy of Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy of Frontiers)

USA (MNN) — Most people wouldn’t be readily willing to sacrifice their life for the Gospel. But for some, that’s a part of God’s plan.

That’s also something Bob Blinco, U.S. Director for Frontiers USA, is encouraging Christians to do, specifically regarding the Muslim world.

“Frontiers has a small but crucial role in finishing the task of engagement as it pertains to the Muslim world,” Blincoe says. “We are working with churches all over the United states to move from dream to a reality in terms of what they can actually do to bring the hope of Jesus Christ in the flesh to Muslim peoples of the world.”

Despite the horrors against Christians and overall violence in the Middle East, Frontiers’ efforts have proven effective.

Frontiers finds that when churches “understand that they can stay in the driver’s seat to choose their own people from their own congregation, their own team leaders, their own place where they would serve in the Muslim world, their own entry strategy, [and] that Frontiers wants to help them achieve their goals, then they lean forward, put down their cell phones, and listen more clearly, as long as Frontiers can do the two things we think we’ve done best in the world,” Blincoe says.

“One is pre-field assessment and training: preparing churches to send their teams. Second is on-field accountability to stay focused on the best practices which do lead to planting churches in the Muslim world.”

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

But while it’s necessary to send out missionaries,even to hostile regions, Blincoe says those supporting them must be spiritually and emotionally prepared for the worst.

“I think there needs to be more theology about Jesus Christ’s own understanding of the glory of God and His own place of safety in His Father’s will,” Blincoe says. “If we are going to send out sons and daughters to the places where the needs are so great, we are going to have to have a theology which will sustain us in the time of loss.”

Blincoe says he wonders sometimes if the possibility of danger will scare people from carrying out the Lord’s work. But so far, he says, that hasn’t happened.

“When you see the terrible events happening in our time, which do provoke fear, [you wonder] ‘Is this the end of people coming forward?’ But it’s not,” Blincoe says. “People continue to find their way to the Lord, first of all, and to His church and to His cause, and to Frontiers.”

Does this sound like ministry you would want to get involved in? Click here to learn how you can join Frontiers’ work, or click here to see how you can support it financially.


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