Good news bears slim hopes in Niger’s food crisis.

By November 16, 2005

Niger(MNN)–Niger’s recent harvest may cut short a feared famine.

It’s a slim hope in a country still trying to come back from multiple disasters that affected food security for over three and a half million people and killed thousands.

A 2004 locust invasion coupled with drought triggered the emergency this year in Niger, and food shortages elsewhere in the region.

Poverty is at the root of the problem for many families. Because few families had the funds to store food stuffs, when there was a problem, their situation quickly went from bad to critical.

The Evangelical Baptist Missions’ team is still helping desperately hungry Africans. Their team has a reputation for longevity of ministry with teams that have been in the region since 1930.

They’re raising funds for grain that EBM will distribute to needy believers as well as give grain to churches in Niamey and surrounding areas to distribute as a means of sharing God’s love.

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