The Seed Company invites you to join with them in providing God’s Word to Bibleless people groups.

By November 16, 2005

Timor (MNN) — In Indonesia, persecution of believers is intense, but God’s Word is spreading like never before. The Seed Company’s Heather Hatchett says it’s exciting to see indigenous believers taking hold of translation efforts in Bibleless people groups. “Right now we are witnessing an unprecedented translation going on in Indonesia. Currently, The Seed Company in engaged in about [12] languages there in Timor, and we are engaging local men and women to actually do the translation for themselves among these projects.”

It’s about going where God is already at work, says Hatchett, and that’s what gets her excited about what they’re doing. “I think that that’s the thrilling part about The Seed Company, is that we’ve just watched where God is working and then joined Him. And so we do encounter some disruptions, obviously, because of persecution. But we get together, we rally in prayer, we pray every morning here in the office and we have partners all over the United States that are committed to praying for these people groups.

The persecution is happening and it’s very real. Hatchett hopes more Christians will join with them to pray for these suffering believers as they try to bring the Scriptures to life for the first time in these people groups.

“There is one people group in particular that was enduring persecution. They were having to flee from their little towns because they were coming in and the religious fundamentalists were persecuting against them. So we could pray to uphold these people groups.”

She asks for prayer that, “…they might be able to return to their homes and that they may not be living in fear, that instead they’ll be standing on the promises of the Scriptures. That the portions that they do have translated, that they can read and understand in their heart language and they can know that there is a God that loves them and is their protection.”

If you would like to commit to partnering with The Seed Company and a Bibleless people group, contact The Seed Company through their information listed below.

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