Graduation serves as an open door for future ministry in Sri Lanka.

By March 17, 2004

Sri Lanka (MNN)– It began as a vision in 1974.

Today, International Needs serves with the distinction of helping Christians serve God in their own countries.

There are supply-line partners who encourage, equip, inspire, support and pray for front-line partners, while those in the front-line evangelize, disciple and undertake community development in their countries.

That, in a nutshell, is the goal of a school where more than 600 children and staff graduated recently. According to the IN-Network, despite troubles faced by some believers in the area, the church leaders were on hand to graduate the children from Harrison School in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Graduation certificates were also presented to the women graduates from the Vocational Training Center. The Harrison School says their classes will expand to four days a week.

As to the future of the outreach, the Harrison School is completely occupying all four floors of its building. The opportunity to purchase property adjacent to the school has presented itself to the ministry. A vocational Training Center for the women of Badowitta is planned for this property, with enough computers, sewing machines and other equipment that will be needed to train women and children in the future.

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