Grandma shares the Gospel with orphans in Serbia

By September 10, 2008

Serbia (MNN) — Thousands of Serbian children are living in orphanages, foster care and dormitories. Many are isolated by disabilities and separated from nurturing homes. Few of these children will ever hear about the love of Jesus Christ from adults around them, as less than 0.2 percent of the country's 10 million people are Evangelical Christian.

Trans World Radio Europe is doing something about it with Grandma Vera's Storytelling. TWR's Drasko Djenovic says, "It's a series of 52 thirty-minute programs for children who cannot listen to radio but can listen to it on CD."

Djenovic says the CD is for blind, disabled, and illiterate children. "The stories are prepared for children ages 4 to 10. They are Bible stories presented in a way that's close to them. All [scripts] would be made by people from Serbia, so not translated from English or some other language."

Djenovic is the first single male foster parent in Serbia. He knows the childcare situation well and says these children are an unreached people group. "Most of them absolutely have no clue about Jesus, about salvation, and these children need someone who loves them. We want, in this way, to show them that they have a Heavenly Father."

MNN asked Djenovic how many of these programs are completed. "We still don't have any of those programs. We have scripts for 25 programs. Our goal is to make 52 programs."

The production can't be completed until they have enough money to produce them, but he hopes they can be completed by Christmas. Djenovic says why they're producing CD's. "In orphanages, they usually have CD players, but they don't have good Christian material to listen to. So our goal is to give them the CD's with the Bible stories."

There's another reason for putting the programs on CD: "Many of them are not able to read because many children in the orphanages are behind in their schooling, or they have some disabilities — they're blind, or with handicaps that prevents them from attending school."

TWR is asking you to contribute $75 to help a child hear the Gospel, possibly for the first time.

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