Greenhouses could bring hope in life and spirit in Bolivia

By August 18, 2010

Bolivia (MNN) — In a country overwhelmed by Catholicism, evangelical churches were once hard to come by. The evangelical presence there is growing, however, due to men and women like Juana.

Juana is the leader of a Bright Hope International partner ministry in Bolivia. She has planted several churches in the region of Cochabamba, Bolivia, that have grown quickly and impacted Bolivian communities for the better.

In fact, Juana has had such an impact on her small 60-person community in the Cochabamba area that they elected her Corejadora. In her village, this honor is the equivalent to making Juana the town president.

With such a prominent role, Juana will be able to make a few God-glorifying changes that will bring hope and life to her own community, and to several others as well.

With the help of one of the pastors of a church she helped plant, Juana wants to build a greenhouse. The pastor she is working with has experience in llama and sheep sheering, as well as developing community-sized greenhouse programs. In this case, the greenhouse would serve school children and the elderly by providing vegetables year round. This would be a much better source of nutrition for these two demographics than is currently available.

Bright Hope wants to help Juana as she shows the love of Christ by caring for the needs of those around her in a tangible way. As Juana and the pastor work for the community, they will undoubtedly have opportunities to share Christ's love, as well as the message of His Gospel.

In order to get this greenhouse project started, a well first needs to be drilled to water the crops properly. Then the rest of the planning will continue.

Bright Hope wants to provide a jump-start to this project by providing funding and resources. If you would like to join hands with Bright Hope and several faithful churches in Bolivia to create a community program that would tangibly care for people with Christ-like love, click here.

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