Haiti dawns a ‘New Day’.

By July 1, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–Christian radio is making a huge difference in Haiti.

Warren Hardig is with Men For Missions, the layman’s voice of OMS International. He says a partner church told him the story of a notorious witch doctor who came to Christ because of it.

This was a man greatly feared in his community, known not only for human sacrifice, but also for cannibalism.

When he first came to the church, people were wary. But, when his conversion to Christ was evidently real, they started rejoicing.

Then came the request. “He asked the people from the church to go destroy everything that connected him with witchcraft and the voodoo practices that he had.” Now, he and his family are homeless, with the clothes on their backs, living day to day, but with freedom and joy.

Hardig says the church is helping out and discipling. It shows just how much the partnership is needed in a land that is shrouded in voodoo. “It’s just a part of the story, but the power of the radio, and the power of the Gospel, we want to focus everyone we can on worshipping Jesus Christ.”

Stories like that are the reason Men For Missions is carrying on. Hardig says this week, they’re launching a new campaign called ‘New Day in Haiti’. “Our new goal is to continue to distribute another 200-thousand radios in Haiti. We’re still wanting to build new downlink stations. We’re basically carrying on with the goals of ‘Operation Saturation’. We are trying to reach all of Haiti with the Gospel through Radio 4VEH.”

The ‘New Day in Haiti’ will continue to seek funds for radios; to provide funds for present uplink, downlinks, and future expansion; and endowment for operations.

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