Heat wave continues to wreak havoc across Europe

By August 2, 2007

(MNN) — The heat wave baking southern and eastern Europe continues. Drought, fire, electricity outages, and water
shortages are among its effects.

World Vision teams working in Romania are responding. Of 42 counties, 34 are suffering from the severe

They are helping over 250 families with clean water and
fodder for their animals over the next month. At a national level, experts project that up to 90% of the crops will
eventually be destroyed. 

The lack of rain has pushed the heat wave into a critical
situation. The level of humidity in the soil is two times lower than it
should be, and at this point, even heavy rains won't help much because there is
so little water in the soil. 

In other areas throughout Southern Europe, the heat forced a
tourist evacuation in Croatia
and Italy, while wildfires
in Macedonia and Greece touched
off unexploded ordinance. Macedonia has declared a national emergency as the heat wave is likely to continue.

Pray for the World Vision teams as they meet the desperate
physical and spiritual needs in the region. Pray that the people they help will be open to the hope of Christ that
motivates the team to action.

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