Hope overcomes despair in Afghanistan

By August 24, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — Flash flooding sweeps across 10 provinces in 10 days in eastern Afghanistan, killing nearly 100 people and displacing thousands. It’s the latest in a series of disasters ravaging the country.

Natural disasters, like the current flooding and June’s deadly 5.9 magnitude earthquake, unite with poor governance and geopolitical challenges to test Afghanistan’s people.

The United Nations warns that without an immediate influx of funding and supplies, children in Afghanistan may not survive the winter. More than 90 percent of households in Afghanistan don’t get enough to eat every day – the highest percentage worldwide.

Despair is rampant. Shahnaz, an Afghan Christian, recently connected with a man named Ali. “He was very, very sad. He asked many questions about God and the Bible and shared many things. I called him every day or every other day, and we prayed together,” Shahnaz says.

“After two weeks, he said, ‘The day you called, I decided to commit suicide, but your call gave me hope. Your call gave me light.’”

Through its 24/7 Call Center, Heart4Afghanistan offers prayer and trauma counseling to Afghan callers like Ali. The call center and Virtual Church services provide vital connecting points when in-person fellowship isn’t possible.

“When a person comes to Christ, we cannot immediately plug them into the underground Church because it’s very difficult and dangerous. We can only help them to grow in their faith,” Shahnaz says.

Heart4Afghanistan offers hope

Heart4Afghanistan also supplied 923 Dari Bibles to secret Christians inside Afghanistan in one month. Afghans searching for the true God find Him through access to His Word.

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

One new believer recently messaged Heart4Afghanistan’s team, saying:

“I don’t know Jesus much, but I enjoy His presence every day and won’t give Him up for anything in the world! The Taliban has identified me, so I have had to move. My neighbors said they (the Taliban) came with guns to my home to arrest or kill me, but I had already left.”

Though he could’ve left Afghanistan for a safer and better life, he wants to stay and witness to his fellow citizens. “I believe Jesus is alive and can protect me in all this danger and hardships!” he told Heart4Afghanistan’s team.

Heart4Afghanistan is the newest initiative from Heart4Iran. With help from supporters, it seeks to provide 24/7 Christian broadcasting and trauma counseling to Afghans in need.

Partner with Heart4Afghanistan here. Pray this ministry will receive the funding it needs to keep serving Afghanistan’s hurting people.



Header and story images courtesy of Heart4Iran.

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