Hope remains even as crises around the globe threaten kids’ educations

By April 12, 2024

International/Haiti (MNN) — Headlines today show conflict on almost every continent. As war and unrest touch millions of children and their families,  immediate results are clear to see — death, displacement and food insecurity, to name a few.

But there is another long-term consequence that isn’t always so quickly seen, though it is just as devastating: loss of education.

David Durance with TeachBeyond says, “As they go through this initial crisis, what we have found is that education stops. Usually, it’s that three- to six-month period where the triage of essential needs — in other words, food and water, and shelter — are starting or trying to be met.

(Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond)

“Then the question is, ‘What do we do now that we’re in this situation?’ It’s that phase two where education becomes a major question.” 

TeachBeyond steps in as people reach out for insight and resources. 

“That (phase two) is where we start responding and start thinking about how we can start delivering education that is timely, relevant and able to actually deliver on what is needed in that context,” Durance says. 

Koshe/Korah, Ethiopia (Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond)

Education is a major intervention to prevent the cycle of purposelessness and violence across a generation and nation. 

“God redeems the world, often through education. This is one of the ways that he does (what) we call ‘big T transformation’ — in other words, becoming all that God intends,” Durance says. 

“You go to countries where the education system has been broken for a whole generation, and that next wave of youth — guess what? They’re following in their parents’ footsteps. The violence is perpetuated, the hatred is perpetuated and the jobs aren’t there. Here we are, many, many years later, still suffering in places like Syria and in countries in Central Africa. We’re praying against that in Haiti and Ukraine, but we’re seeing some of that happen, and we’re so concerned about this.”

You can be a part of this redemption with TeachBeyond by praying and taking action.

“We’re just one of many missions, but missions like TeachBeyond are actively prepared to deliver education in some of these contexts that we’ve been talking about,” Durance says. 

“God can redeem this (global situation) as people respond in prayer and then look for ways to be involved. That can be everything from using your skills — if you’re an administrator, an educator or whatever God’s put on your heart — or funding some of the people that go respond to these things. It’s not hopeless, that’s my point.”

Connect with TeachBeyond on social media or their website to be informed on how you can pray. Learn how you can GO with TeachBeyond here. 




Header photo is a representative stock image taken in a refugee camp in Iraq, courtesy of Jonathan Ramalho/Unsplash.

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