Hurricane Charley’s wrath is offset by believers moving to help in Jamaica.

By August 25, 2004

Jamaica (MNN)–While the worst of Hurricane Charley skirted Jamaica, the residents are feeling the aftermath as keenly as survivors in Florida.

The storm bore down in southern St. Elizabeth wreaking havoc in amongst the poor.

For them, poverty means the loss of a roof or house is nearly irreparable. Food For The Poor’s Angel Aloma details their response. “We have sent down 1,200 pieces of zinc and 300 two by fours to the area to help with the repairs of roofs. We have been on a project now to rebuild homes for thirty families who lost their homes completely.”

Food For The Poor also helped relocate “The Bigwood Basic School” to higher, dry ground so students could continue their lessons as life slowly gets underway.

Aloma explains that their work in Jamaica is an extension of ministry. “Action is always a great introduction for faith, and because we work almost exclusively through churches, whatever help we send down to those areas comes through the churches of the area, so it actually becomes an outreach of the area churches.”

Add to that the fact that many farmers lost their crops in the floods, threatening a coming food shortage. But aid can’t reach areas with impassable roads. Work started on clearing out sections of southern St Elizabeth’s roads that were damaged by the heavy rains Hurricane Charley.

Food For The Poor is also committed to food assistance. Funds are being raised to assist in that need from purchase of emergency supplies to seedlings.

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