IN Network staff person shot in Bangladesh.

By March 18, 2004

Bangladesh (MNN)–Daniel Sarkar of IN Network Bangladesh was shot in the stomach and robbed outside a bank in Dhaka last month.

Smith Adhikary, the executive director, responded to the news by rushing to the location and transporting Daniel to hospital in a van. Daniel lost a lot of blood and nearly bled to death.

It took two emergency operations before the bullet was successfully removed. He is now recuperating at home and would appreciate prayer for complete healing.

IN Network’s Rody Rodeheaver says their team believes the incident was isolated, but admits there is reason for concern. “There are violent episodes against workers. It’s happening more frequently, but we want to be very careful with this because we don’t want to see terrorism under every bush, or persecution under every bush.”

Rodeheaver says as tensions rise, and believers begin to feel the pressure, they need prayer support from the body of Christ. “Pray for our people in these overseas settings that they will be reminded of the sovereignty of God and that God is in control, that they will become more determined to share the love of Christ to their neighbors, to their co-workers, to the people that they are there to share the Gospel with.”

Since the ministry began, the Dhaka Office, Slum School and Vocational Training activities have operated out of rented facilities.

IN Bangladesh has secured a site to build its own Dhaka Centre. A four-story structure will accommodate all these ministry activities. Fund raising is in process to raise what is required to build the Centre. IN Bangladesh is praying about building a clinic near the Savar Children’s Village. Funds have already been given for this project.

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