Planting gardens in Burkina Faso plants seeds for the Gospel.

By March 18, 2004

Burkina Faso (MNN)– Operation Blessing completed a major humanitarian project in Burkina Faso.

There are 12 million inhabitants living in this dry and dusty West African nation. Most of them have little access to food or clean water. As a result, disease and starvation are prevalent.

In January, Operation Blessing combined their Hope Works and Living Waters programs for this project. The team designed a garden project that would use the water from the well and also provide jobs and food.

The village needed two wells to serve the area; one hand pump and a water storage tower powered by a motor which would be used to water the plants in the garden. The wells were dug inside the walls of a church compound for security. The church is also in a central location. It is estimated the wells will serve 1,700 people who used to have to endure a two-mile walk to a deteriorating hand pump.

The wells would not only be a lifeline of fresh water for the local people, but also paved the way for the second phase of the project aimed at self-sufficiency.

By alleviating human need and suffering in this area, teams demonstrate God’s love and are able to share their faith.

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