JAARS needs planes to help with Bible translation

By February 17, 2004

International (MNN) — Bible translation workers are thanking God for His blessing on their work in 2003. According to JAARS , an organization that speeds Bible translation by providing quality service for Wycliffe Bible Translators and others, is excited about the progress.

JAARS Arthur Lightbody says, “With Wycliffe Bible Translators, and JAARS assisting, we were able to see 24 different languages receive a New Testament.” The goal recently has been to enter into the translation of 3,000 languages, Lightbody says, “We have been entering languages within the last few years and now 2,737 languages need to be entered. So, we’re seeing progress in that area.”

But, in order to provide Scripture in even more languages they need three airplanes. Two planes for East Asia and another for Papua New Guinea. Lightbody says, “These planes are needed today because of the great distance and the fact that the infrastructure of roads is still underdeveloped in these nations. We need it for bringing translators out to locations.

In order to do that they have to raise some significant dollars. “We have a goal of $3.4 million for this year. The total project remaining would still be in the neighborhood of $7-million,” says Lightbody.

The needs don’t end with aircraft. Lightbody says they need people. “We are in need of pilots for Papua New Guinea and for the Philippines right now as we speak.”

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