A fire allows a local church to minister in their community.

By February 17, 2004

Bangladesh (MNN)–An ABWE-supported work in Bangladesh is seeing great fruit.

A national pastor and his church are providing valuable relief for over 300 homeless victims of a fire on February 4 that ravaged 51 homes in a “lower middle-class neighborhood” of Chittagong.

Many church people were able to assist in the evacuation of homeowners and renters from the burning buildings. No lives were lost, but between looters and the fire itself, very few of their material possessions were saved.

More than 100 people came into the church property for refuge while the fire trucks put out the fire. Many spent the first night in the church and several families are still living there.

The church has been able to purchase rice, blankets, basic cookware and cane bed mats for each of the families who has lost everything. Some neighbors have been inspired by the actions of the church, and a group of men catered a hot rice and curry dinner for all of the victims, especially requesting to host it in the church building.

In this time of dire need, the community is turning to this church as a center for compassionate care. Pray for this church as they reach out to these people in desperate need. The pastor and his church interns are available to talk, pray and offer hope to the needy as they give physical aid. Pray that they will be able to extend the kind of love and comfort that only God can give.

ABWE is collecting funds to assist this church as they provide relief for these needy people. As the funds become available, aid will be provided for the rebuilding of these houses that have been lost. Gifts can be sent to ABWE’s Chittagong Relief Acc

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