Kairos 10: triple threat on malaria

By April 18, 2016

Ghana (MNN) — Blessings International, in recognition of World Malaria Day on April 25, is partnering with Kairos 10 to give away anti-malaria medicine to any medical mission team ordering it between now and June 1.

(Photo courtesy Kairos 10)

(Photo courtesy Kairos 10)

Malaria is a serious disease caused by a parasite that commonly infects a certain type of mosquito which feeds on humans.  The World Health Organization reports most deaths occur among children living in Africa, where a child dies every minute from malaria. This disease is preventable and curable.  The solution is simple: a mosquito net.  A net can be bought in America for about $20 but costs a Ghanaian one week’s wages.

If a product could be sold, then the proceeds could be used to buy mosquito nets to be sent to an underdeveloped country. The idea was birthed and Kairos 10 jewelry would be the vehicle. Kairos 10 co-founder Kathryn Pennington says, “Kairos is a Greek word and it means ‘God’s provision’ or ‘God’s appointed time’.”

Now that the co-founders had the idea and a business plan in place, it was time to find the pieces. Pennington says, “Ghana, West Africa is very famous for glass beads that they make from recycled glass bottles. We could buy the beads and hire women there in Ghana to make the jewelry.”

(Photo courtesy Kairos 10)

(Photo courtesy Kairos 10)

Kairos 10 then pays Ghanaian women four times the minimum daily wage to make the jewelry.  African fabric is purchased, and a local woman is paid to sew gift bags for the jewelry.

The result: “We were employing the women so that they could be self-sufficient and then we were also giving women in the United States a beautiful piece of jewelry, that then, in turn, (makes me want to cry) to a bed net that then saves a child’s life.”

The idea to build on each other’s vision and strength was a no-brainer. For Kairos 10, says Pennington, “Since October 2010, with our first sale, we have been able to purchase over 42-thousand mosquito nets.” Blessings also provides one course of anti-malarial treatment to go along with each bed net.

Here’s the Gospel angle:  Blessings makes these supplies available to Christian medical mission teams, emergency relief teams, dental teams and others providing critical medical services. Kairos 10 uses bed nets as the entry point,” but also to be able to say that ‘we love you enough to bring you a bed net. But Christ loves you enough to die on the Cross for you.”

(Photo courtesy Kairos 10)

(Photo courtesy Kairos 10)

Together, they’re resourcing the Gospel-sharers to be the hands and feet of Christ to areas of the world where the need is greatest. Adds Pennington, “Pray for the message to get about Jesus Christ, because that’s really the only hope for real, true change that occurs inside someone, that then manifests itself, externally, to others.”

Countries that have received mosquito nets from Kairos 10 sales through October 2014 are Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Indonesia, and India.

Progress in fighting this deadly disease has been made. Yet still, a child in Africa dies every minute from malaria which can be prevented by using a mosquito net that costs just $20 in the United States.  Pennington says, “You have a significant impact on a life here on this earth for the eternal Kingdom. So I would say ‘don’t shy away from being involved. Embrace it.’”

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