Kenya approaches famine status as drought intensifies

By October 28, 2022

Kenya (MNN) — Famine looms as the fourth year of drought unfolds in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. Oxfam International warns that starvation will claim one life every 36 seconds between now and the end of the year in East Africa.

“The situation is critical,” Kenya Hope’s Joy Mueller says, speaking to MNN from a remote village in Kenya.

“Crops are failing; when there’s nothing for the livestock to eat, the animal milk production goes way down, and these people rely on that. Milk is a major component of their diet.”

Mueller is on the ground meeting with partners to assess the situation first-hand. She says external crises like the war in Ukraine and the global food shortage make the situation even more difficult. “Ever since the pandemic, the economy here in Kenya has taken a major hit. And now, with the continual drought, it’s just getting worse,” Mueller says.

“[Between] last November and now, basic food necessities have all doubled in cost.”

A gift from you goes a long way to help. “There is no one else providing clean water, food relief, and the good news of Jesus Christ to [these villages],” Mueller says.

“You are the hands and feet of Jesus when you give to us and allow us to be servants on your behalf.”

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Local believers distribute food relief supplied by Kenya Hope.
(Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope)

Working hand-in-hand with local church partners, “we are giving out food relief monthly to our communities, just the very basics to help these people get by,” Mueller says.

“They are open to hearing about Jesus Christ and His love for them because we’re trying to show that love in a very practical way.”

Along with relief aid, Kenya Hope planned last year to keep students fed in 2022. “We did a very large planting of corn and beans by a river to irrigate [the crops]. This provides food for our school [feeding program]; we feed about 2,000 children every day,” Mueller says.

“The corn and beans really help the feeding programs go forward, so kids are still getting at least one solid meal a day.”



Header image depicts one of the many starving cattle in a pastoralist community. More than 2.4 million livestock, which pastoralist families rely upon for nourishment and livelihood, have died in Kenya. (Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope)

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