Kenya Hope quenches physical, spiritual thirst on World Water Day

By March 22, 2023

Kenya (MNN) — Today is World Water Day, observed annually by the United Nations. One in four people worldwide lack access to clean water, equating to 16 million people in Kenya – more than New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago’s combined populations.

Water is critical in managing famine, epidemics, inequalities, and political instability. A recently released report by the Kenya Red Cross warns that “catastrophic” drought and famine will likely begin in five years:

Our analysis reveals that the frequency and severity of droughts and famines in East Africa have increased significantly in recent decades, with a clear cyclic pattern that suggests a looming catastrophic event in 2028-2035.

(Graphic courtesy of Kenya Hope)

In rural Kenya, “we are looking to put in between three and five wells in very needy communities that have no access to clean water,” Kenya Hope’s Joy Mueller says.

Kenya Hope identifies needs and eliminates corruption through an extensive planning process.

“We do have some criteria that communities need to meet because we want to make sure that the wells we put in don’t fall into the hands of the wrong people who might use them for personal gain,” Mueller says.

Besides installing wells, believers introduce villagers to Living Water: Jesus Christ.

“We have an unprecedented amount of audio Bibles that were given this year, and we are so excited to get these into the hands of many illiterate people who otherwise would not be able to read God’s Word for themselves,” Mueller says.

“We are so excited to see how God is blessing remote communities that have yet to hear about Jesus Christ.”

Help relieve physical and spiritual thirst through Kenya Hope.

“People can help by giving,” Mueller says.

“We use the funds to drill the wells and set up a complete system. It’s all done by solar, so [there are] no generators to run or maintain. We also provide a watering top for all their animals since [people here are] pastoralists.”




Header and story images courtesy of Kenya Hope.

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