Light in the midst of Syrian refugee crisis

By October 6, 2015
(Photo courtesy World Mission)

(Photo courtesy World Mission)

Lebanon (MNN) — The devastating effects of the Syrian refugee crisis continue.

Millions have scattered in every direction, forced to leave behind family, homes, and all they’ve ever known.

Even where Syrian refugees have taken refuge, there’s depression and an overwhelming amount of poverty.

But even after all this grief, could there be some good? Could there be an opportunity lying before us? World Mission’s Greg Kelley says “yes.”

Over one million Syrian refugees have gone to Lebanon for help, which is where a large amount of World Mission’s attention is being directed.

“What’s happening is they’re coming into Lebanon, which happens to be the only country in the Middle East where it’s not illegal to convert from Islam to Christianity,” Kelley explains. “That creates an incredible strategic advantage when you’re talking about dispersing aid, because now your hands aren’t tied when you’re giving aid.”

Kelley says the refugee crisis is opening doors to share the Gospel with people who–if they were still in their own country–would never be able to hear it.

“People who are in closed countries–closed access countries–very difficult to reach are literally being sent out into other places around the world, where they’re very accessible by the Body of Christ. I believe that these refugee crises of today that we’re seeing are largely taking place in areas that are unreached, and it creates an amazing opportunity for the Body of Christ.”

World Mission is giving humanitarian relief and distributing their solar-powered audio Bibles called “The Treasure.”

They also have an evangelical partner on the ground, providing essentials as well as sharing the Gospel with refugees. Kelley says it’s imperative to have this partnership because they can form a high degree of connection with refugees. Together, their goal is to share and challenge people as much as they can with the Gospel.

Why? Because they want to see the Gospel spread.

“They will take the Gospel with them. Our strategy absolutely is to see church-planting movements taking place in Syria through the hands of the refugees that fled for their very lives.”

But first, Kelley says whether this refugee crisis is “in Northern Nigeria, Syria, or any number of places throughout the world,…the church and the Body of Christ need to recognize it as an opportunity…. We need to align ourselves with what God’s doing and what He could do.”

Be praying for Syrian refugees, Lebanon, and open hearts. Also pray for the violence to end.

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