Malaysians languish under COVID-19 lockdown

By July 9, 2021

Malaysia (MNN) — White flags are going up all across Malaysia as COVID-19 cases rise. They signal despair at a lockdown that began on June 1.

Since July 1st, people can’t leave their houses except to get basic supplies, and a curfew starts at 8 pm. Most businesses have to close, meaning no income for many people.

Restrictions will stay in place until COVID-19 cases fall below a certain threshold. And government help for poor families will arrive too late for many. Joe Handley of Asian Access says, “While Malaysia is kind of a middle-income country, and better off than some of its nearby neighbors that are lower-income groups, it is still hit hard. Small businesses and SME’s have been forced to close. And it’s really put a strain on the local families.”

Help from the Church

But Handley says churches have risen to the occasion, providing for their neighbors in need. “They do ask for prayer. They want the Gospel to continue to flourish. And they want to see the nation impacted both in terms of individual lives as well as holistically.”

Pray the love of these Christians would point many to hope in Jesus. And pray COVID-19 would recede across Malaysia. Handley says, “They would love to see a rapid rollout of the COVID-19 vaccinations. So far, only about 10-20 percent of the population is vaccinated. Ultimately, they’d love to see a proper recovery from the pandemic overall, along with a corresponding recovery in the economy.”



Header photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.