World Mission feels effects of Nigeria violence

By July 9, 2021

Nigeria (MNN) — This month, a United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) panel brought to light disturbing statistics about violence against Christians in Nigeria. Over two thousand churches have been destroyed since 2015. Between 4 and 5 million Christians have fled the country.

Watch the full USCIRF hearing here.

Missionary bases destroyed

Greg Kelley of World Mission says, “We just [learned] that two of our missionary bases were just totally destroyed. Missionaries are trapped. Right now, missionaries are trapped. Converts are surrounded by the enemy. Right now is the time that the body of Christ needs to rise up and pray for these precious lives that are in harm’s way.”

This violence isn’t coming from just one group. Boko Haram, a terrorist army that rejects modern Western culture and Christianity, rampages in the country. The Islamic State, despite losses in the Middle East, continues to torment Nigeria. Meanwhile, the Fulani tribe continues to target Christians as well.

The courage of Nigerian Christians

Despite this, Nigerian Christians persevere in the Gospel. Kelley says, “Some of the most inspiring people in the world to me are brothers and sisters in Christ who are being incredibly persecuted. Many of them have lost family members to their persecutors. Yet they’re driven with compassion and love for those very people trying to kill them. They want to get the Gospel into those areas.”



The header photo shows a wall World Mission has helped to build, designed to discourage terror attacks on a school. (Photo courtesy of World mission on Facebook)